what to do in Madrid

 Madrid is a city that fully lives the Spanish spirit. Therefore, the list of places to visit in Madrid is quite colorful with its lively streets, historical buildings, large squares, museums, art galleries and many other beauties. I have compiled a list of places that have become the symbol of the city to give you an idea for your trip to Madrid, the capital of Spain, one of the most populated cities in Europe. Like many travelers, you can visit the places on the list with a good organization in a limited time, and you can complete your trip by seeing the most important points of Madrid. In addition to information about places to visit throughout the article, you can find information and advice on many important issues from accommodation to transportation, from eating and drinking to shopping. Throughout the content, I will share information and photos about the list of “Places to visit in Madrid”. You can find the map locations of all the important places to visit and see in the city